Higher quality, enhanced opportunities in "Favorites"
20 February 2022
Higher quality, enhanced opportunities in "Favorites"
The time has come for fantastic changes 
Fnet Telecom comes up with the new level of comfort for its subscribers. Please welcome our new "Favorites" and speed-up your internet up to 600 mbs, enjoy very TV channels and much more. To ensure the most comfort for you and your family we have applied 5G to our wifi squad, made a little "abra cadabra" to pricing and engaged in continews improvements making our services better and the telecom part of your day mostly pleasant.
Our new packges will become your Favorite too  
Now you can have our services without mandatory subscription if you need a mobile approach to our relatioship, and if you're already settled we'll offer you couple of benefits you along with huge "Thank you" for making the decision to stay with us for at least a year. As much as lasts our friendship will raise the appreciation in the forms of additional price cuts. It's not about saving your money but valuing our friendship and expressing it. After a story telling we're happily inviting you to come closer and see what exatctly we were announcing by one click here