On September 24 the leading cable television and Internet provider of Armentia F Net organised for its Noragavit subscribers a cool and full of surprises day.
F net has always put an emphasis and paid attention to the interesting leisure time management of the all members of the family.The ” Cool day” event took place in the Cultural house  courtyard of Noragavit. At the beginning of the event the cofounder of F net Gevorg Yengibaryan greeted all the people of Noragavit thanking them for  their confidence and  for choosing F net.
‘Dear Noragavit people , I am very proud of seeing so many active and unified families here. Our family is here with you from 2016.  And now we thank you for being devoted to us both on sunny  and uninterrupted connection days and difficult connection problems days .Nowadays  F net is trying innovations in its network and services and first and  utmost we want to share it with you. The fact of  internet and television availability  is a number one priority for us, cause they are windows to the world outside , to the entry of heated processes and events, but don’t forget to vivify today’s digitised generation <<google generation>> and bring them back to the courtyards , street games and live communication. F net will help you to be informed and active in communication” said F net co founder Gevorg Yengibaryan.

F net started its IPTV multifunctional service , digital quality channels,the first time in Noragavit as a present to its devoted subscribers. Thus the subscribers of Noragavit had an opportunity to have one of the most innovative telecommunication offers by getting digital television service with unlimited TV stations connection opportunity. IPTV subscribers got an opportunity of CATCHUP function, film orders, free WIFI and up to 60 mb/s internet speed.

Family Network has always been an innovative company and will continue to bring innovations not only for Noragavit population but also for the citizens of other  Yerevan districts , the citizens of the regions, villages  who appreciate the new one, the quick one and the qualified one .