ON August 4 one of the most scalable events  the WORKOUT FEST  took place in Azatutyan Square which was dedicated to healthy lifestyle which was organized by the Armenian Street Workout Federation. Different sportsmen and workout teams from Armenian regions and Artsakh took part in it.

 The main sponsor of WORKOUT FEST was F net company. Being socially responsible business it always supports healthy lifestyle formation. The Family Network always pays attention to the massification of healthy lifestyle, the events organised towards the  leisure time management of the families and youngsters,the projects devoted to the social development are always  in the spotlight of Family Network.

Greeting the Workout Fest participants Gevorg Yengibaryan, the cofounder of F Net said:
“I am very proud of seeing so many sportive, active families and young people. F Net is always next to such kind of events like this which promote the development of physically and mentally healthy, strong, smart generation and family. The Street Workout Federation of Armenia carries out a very responsible mission by this event changing the nowadays’ digitalized generation’s or so called “google generation” lives by bringing them back to communication , street games and sports. Sport is an effort, vigor and volition. And the three young people founded Family Network 9 years ago with the same vigor and volition , which has 50 employees already , thousands of subscribers, shortly speaking a real big and fat Armenian family.

Within the Workout Fest F net held a contest for its subscribers during which the participants won thematic presents such as bicycles,rollers,skyboards, brand hats, cups and balls.

The leading cable and Internet provider of Armenia F Net celebrated its ninth anniversary and the Workout Fest  celebrated its sixth anniversary too. A lot of


surprises  and a tasty birthday  cake was prepared for the participants during the event.