Internatioanl Internet-Free Day also took place in the row of festive days which Internatioanl Internet community celebrates in the last Sunday of January.

The main aim of this holiday is to distract people attention from Internet and International net, make them live that day in real life, to have solely real contact with people or to devote that day to lovely hobby (surely not connected with Internet).

This holiday comes from still from 2000s and its affirmation’s owners, according to some sources, is ”British Institute of Social Discoveries”, according to other sources, «DoBe.org». British non–advertising online-project. The only thing that is clearly known is that orgianisers of the International Day without Internet were active, advanced Internet users.

Every day millions of people begin their day by reading news or watching posts on Internet and some people are there around the clock just because their work is connected with Internet. Some people watch films or Tv shows on net, others do online shopping without coming out from home. Anything that makes our life easier and interesting makes us addicted to them, including the Internet. Many of us never get detached from phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops and pay more attention to their virtual friends and close friends.

Surely, no one can argue with the fact that nowadays the Internet is the most important source of information and work for many people. But we also shouldn’t forget that the overuse of it causes consequences such as waste of time and harmful for health. During the last ten year not only internet speed and users’ number but also appeared terms such as ”Ciberdiction”, ‘’Networkism’’, ‘’Infomania’’, ‘’Social isolation’’ and such other terms. Unfortunately, online environment became more comfortable than real life. Social addiction among young people causes trouble for many parents and specialists. That’s why taking into consideration the formation of such situation Fnet company undertook row of events, with title “An hour without Internet’’ and during the event different parts of Yerevan and regions we will organise events and we will move family members to “offline reality’’ for an hour. The event will be full of with an interesting amusement project, music, refreshment, competitions, games, prizes, presents and many other surprises.We will move everyone to real life from virtual reality and we will turn it into solely to positive fillings.

Wait us also at Your place…..